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My day started with the sales of two paintings:  Afterthought after Klimt and Lady Be Good (commission to paint; original sold)  This affirmation fires my determination to paint after a disastrous trip to Ecuador salvaged only by



meeting wonderful artists, an illness which leveled me for several months, and preparation for putting my residence of fifty plus years on the market.  I have drawings in abundance which scream to be painted and I am achieving that peace of mind needed here in Texas!


Boobie (an abstract representation of a Galapagos bird was an enjoyable experience, a fun piece of many layers of paint sanded with a careful process of addition and removal not as an alternative to figurative painting but as a new process.  Each layer revealed different colors and shapes resulting in a creature of great interest.

Lady Be Good one

Lady Be Good

The name, Booby, was possibly based on the Spanish language term bobo, meaning “stupid”, as these tame birds had a habit of landing on board sailing ships, where they were easily captured.  Booby appears to be ready for his

mating dance with feathers flying.  This creature sparked my fun side in creating smaller pieces for “bathroom art.”  This was such a joy; more will be coming soon.





Bathroom Art