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“Sea Visions”

By September 29, 2016No Comments

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Overview of art making while traveling. . . August 29th, Grand Lake, Colorado
Weight and portability played a big part in material choice, maps, pens, pencils, advertisements, paper towels, whites glue,and small watercolor sets. We traveled by boat, train, car, and plane to Italy, Sardinia, France, and Great Britain.

After compiling, categorizing, and editing hundreds of drawings, paintings, collages, and notes from our year abroad, I face the denouement: resolution. Overflowing closets, shelves, and drawers overwhelm me. My original plan was to divide by time and place, then I thought perhaps by genre, landscapes, figures, themes, etc. Decisions also must be made as to which images will become large paintings. The lists grew with the ‘overflowing items. So I randomly picked a starting place, “Sea Visions,” light hearted and lyrical” while on board the ship over

“Sea Visions,” Mixed Media, paper on canvas, 11″x14,” cold wax finish