“Le Chapeau”


Paris, we made a quick trip to Paris ; this time playing a bit of the tourist, but mostly to drink in the modern art at the Pompidou Center and the newly reopened Picasso Museum. I was experimenting with paper towel mono-prints on an advertisement randomly painting with water colors when the lady and the hat appeared. So we have montage, images from the advertisement showing through, creases to simulate texture, and frottage, using crayon to scratch over rough designs in iron grates.


“Sea Creatures after Miro”


Remaining in the light hearted vein, the next piece, “Sea Creatures after Miro” was inspired by Miro’s stained glass window at the Maeght Foundation in St. Paul de Vence, France. The setting, displays, whimsical landscape, French sun, and joy de vivre contributed to creative impulses. The first image is my quick pen sketch of Miro’s inventive good humored creatures of free forms and shapes in my sketch book. From this sketch, I painted the next image with water colors on an advertisement. “Sea Creatures after Miro” is the edited version of my visions. Layers of glue, more painting, subsequent acrylic painting and gloss layers simulate depth and motion. Where are they going? What are they thinking? They seem to be having fun. Let’s join them.img_5390

“Sea Visions”


Overview of art making while traveling. . . August 29th, Grand Lake, Colorado
Weight and portability played a big part in material choice, maps, pens, pencils, advertisements, paper towels, whites glue,and small watercolor sets. We traveled by boat, train, car, and plane to Italy, Sardinia, France, and Great Britain.

After compiling, categorizing, and editing hundreds of drawings, paintings, collages, and notes from our year abroad, I face the denouement: resolution. Overflowing closets, shelves, and drawers overwhelm me. My original plan was to divide by time and place, then I thought perhaps by genre, landscapes, figures, themes, etc. Decisions also must be made as to which images will become large paintings. The lists grew with the ‘overflowing items. So I randomly picked a starting place, “Sea Visions,” light hearted and lyrical” while on board the ship over

“Sea Visions,” Mixed Media, paper on canvas, 11″x14,” cold wax finish


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Dancing Red Trees An Abstraction

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               Dancing Red Trees An Abstraction

This under painting on canvas was textured with media, papers, leaves, and sanded between layers.  As I worked the surface with my brush, red trees danced.  I applied seven or eight layers of paint between each sanding to create depth.  The negative spaces need defining I think and perhaps the background layer needs color adjustment.  My stimuli for this piece were my drawings from a summer trip searching for petroglyphs in Utah and New Mexico.

 Finished? Maybe? Maybe Not?

In Grand Lake! Abstract Landscape Painting

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Abstract Landscape

After a tiring but wonderful move to Colorado, I am settling down to review my last Texas paintings on canvas.  I am experimenting with pure abstraction and a dream I had about red trees.  None of the pieces are finished and I am still in the incubation phase.  Thinking, thinking…so I am posting them as I plan future changes.  Abstract Landscape may be finished; it was inspired by snow in the Big Bend Texas and designs made with abstract paint skins.  What think you?  The underpainting was textured with layers of media, sanded, paint brushed and poured.  It has the mystical quality I desire…the shapes appeared during the layering and sanding process.  Abstraction removes the need to identify place; the reds and yellows could be Aspen trees turning in Colorado,

Sun Setting Grand Lake Collage


Sun Setting Grand Lake

Because of the altitude, the sunsets here are spectacular and different in some way everyday. Colors are brilliant and this afternoon, the sun seemed to sink into the mountains.  I made a quick sketch and finished the collage (5″x7″) with tissue paper, inks and oil pastels.  The Alpen glow disappears  into the horizon. This will be a stimulus for a large painting in my Grand Lake Series.