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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Me and Atahualpa:  Well, this picture demonstrates my situation.  I will have surgery next week to have the non-functioning parts, neck, hand and arm. According to my wonderful surgeon I will be back to business soon.  You can’t tell who is more miserable: me or the unfinished Atahualpa, an ongoing project in the back fence gallery.


<However, I have completed several projects: the Magnolia a commission. Long ago I should have added “Old southern lady does not do magnolias;” however, I made the commission a challenge and experimented (my favorite thing) with painting on wood.  I started by transferring my original painted drawing to a cradled board with gel medium transfer. This process went well and I thought the transferred paint with some paper would form an acceptable surface to paint. 



After several layers of painting with sanding between the layers, a more mature sophisticated magnolia began to appear.

Several became months of adding paint reinforced with acrylic media, sanding, coming to the realization that wood required more sealing. Also, my usual colors (latex and acrylic) definitely appear differently on the wood surface.  I estimate that I did 30 or more layers to finally get the look I desired.

The petals and layers of the magnolia matured and appeared to have motion, i.e. come alive. I used amber shellac with a light sanding after drying to seal the final product.  I also applied a light coat of wax to the final sanded painting.