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Liz, a fabulous artist in the Houston area, presented a great collage workshop with models at WAS-H in Houston.

I am quite interested in collage especially since I use whatever makes my paintings work and experimentation is my driving force. Collage is often badly attempted tending to put me off a bit. However, Liz raises it to the high artistic plane. She particularly emphasizes that collage must be integrated into the piece. It doesn’t stand alone!

So this was a good experience for me, drawing with charcoal and using collage to create exciting pieces. I consider one finished, My Favorite Tee Shirt; I painted directly on my drawing adding images. I did not use any texturing so I used the transparency of the paint to emulate depth. She appears to be moving through the piece. What fun! The figure could be contemplating her wealthy lifestyle but using a tee shirt (with an intriguing image) in the title adds irreverence!


My Favorite Tee Shirt

18”x24” Mixed Water Media on paper

The next three pieces need finishing but they are close to done.



15”x22” Mixed Water Media on watercolor paper

The Penseur stared getting complicated as I got involved in her intricate apparel. I wanted to emulate movement within and a sense of depth so I kept adding. As I added I had to integrate collage (tissue paper, pieces of my paintings and designs, dried grasses). Some artists are able to create wonderful pieces with static figures. My right brain kicks in and movement has to happen. She appears to move forward and back into the piece. Hopefully the finished piece was happen tomorrow or someday soon. What is she thinking? What is her next move? The viewer may decide.



15”x22” Mixed Water Media on watercolor paper

 The next piece I call Josephine, after the famous African French dancer. I will calm down the background somewhat and define her figure more closely. The lacy collage came from some drawing stencils I made of snowflakes. The red figures on her hat are dried dyed grass pieces from our Texas summers. She is holding a face (cameo) cut from one of my old paintings.   Much irreverence here. . .



15”x22” Mixed Water Media on watercolor paper

Cybele, the current name, reminds me of an ancient goddess. This could change. I like the transparent area on the left hand (facing piece). Her robes need embellishment and then I think done with some attention to the face and skin. More, Soon