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Heritage Museum, 510 Scurry St., Big Spring, Texas, 79720

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I have just returned from an exhilarating week of painting with Douglas Walton at the Heritage Museum ending in a show of our work there, from March 21st until May 2, 2014.

We experimented with paint skins randomly designed then used to create abstract pieces. My exhibited pieces, Eros, Epiphany, Many Moons, and Lost Moons run the gamut of abstract works.


Eros’ background is heavily textured on canvas with colored acrylic media and tile adhesive. It wassanded to reveal transient shapes and colors. The stimulus paint skins were followed closely with respect to colors and shapes. I chose the name Eros because the figure bursts with creativity.

A lavender gray frame seems to capture to spirit of Eros.

Detail showing texturing


Eros, 17″x21″, $400.00

Mixed water media on canvas, wooden frame



In Epiphany, I allowed paint to wash and drip over the textured canvas, not adhering strictly to my paint skin stimulus. As the paint moved, I used a brush to capture shapes. The red paint moved throughout the center and said to me rebirth, Epiphany.After the paint stopped moving, I accentuated red shapes with more paint as the focal point





Epiphany, detail





My lunar series incorporated colors I seldom use, cooler, greyer and more subdued. I enjoyed the challenge of painting on the color side of the palette from my usual reds, yellows, oranges. Following my stimulus on a heavily textured canvas, circle shapes began to firm up, evoking strange moons whirling, creating motion and depth. Where are these moons going? Transient circles appear to pop out of the canvas.




Many Moons detail


In my next piece, the canvas was painted black and textured with paper. The moon seems to be trying to emerge at the top but is falling toward the bottom with smaller yellow circles. Are the moons lost? A general sense of mystery permeates the piece. What is happening?







Lost Moons, 16″x20″,$275.00

Mixed water media on canvas