New Series: Night lights from Marfa!

A recent commission renewed my interest in a painting I did in Marfa Texas of the Night Lights.  I am experimenting with sizes, textures, colors and shape distortions.  I love the colors and have started three new canvases moving to larger pieces.  Going with Native American symbols and nature shapes leads to a virtual dance […]

Nuraghe Warriors

“Warrior, Left” Mixed Media, paper on canvas, 11″ x 14″ cold wax finish “Warrior Right”  Mixed Media, paper on canvas, 11″ x 14″ cold wax finish Watercolor Sketch of warrior Bronzetti These ancient warriors, archers and shield-wielding boxers made of bronze, Bronzetti, are on the march. Time of conception is estimated at 2,700 years ago. […]


My day started with the sales of two paintings:  Afterthought after Klimt and Lady Be Good (commission to paint; original sold)  This affirmation fires my determination to paint after a disastrous trip to Ecuador salvaged only by meeting wonderful artists, an illness which leveled me for several months, and preparation for putting my residence of […]