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By October 7, 2013April 14th, 2014No Comments

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Second Annual Trinity Art Show, The Woodlands TX, September 27-29, 2013.

After struggling with a weak right arm and hand, I am painting again.   I decided to finish some smaller pieces (to save on hand-energy), from my Ecuadorean drawings for the Trinity show. The Harbor at Guayaquil (18” x30”, papers (tissue and rice), and layers of mixed water media on canvas) won best in show-mixed media!  I used layers to evoke the foggy mostly gray atmosphere with only small splashes of color when the sun broke through.  The painting sold  so I feel that someone else saw the mystery I attempted to portray.

Mount Cotopaxi (12 “x12,” paper on canvas, layers of mixed water media on board) used the layers to depict the mystery of volcanic Mount Cotopaxi in Ecuador.  Fog prevailed but when the sun at broke through, colors, lines and shapes danced on a nearby lake.  The piece sold so someone else saw the mystery.

Angel Lost (8”x10”, encaustic on board on textured canvas) represents the ethnic angels I saw in windows in Ecuadorean churches.  Working in encaustic is a freeing medium; I enjoy its floating kind of composition.  This is a first in which I project  will be a long line of Ecuadorean angels; piece sold, another affirmation,

The Girl with the Crooked Neck: a self-portrait is my personal favorite…it is my neck before surgery and all the crazy things going on in my mind.  This was a cathartic piece (12”x12,” paper on board with  many layers of mixed water media.  Much is dancing in that head, ideas incubating while I could not paint.  I did this drawing while” waiting in my doctor’s office.(Not for Sale)


The Road Less Traveled was my next favorite of the six pieces in the show (20”x26,” plastic, latex paint  “skins”, layers of mixed water media, poured, thrown, and brushed on board.”  The frame and mat are part of the piece and focus the moving colors in the center.  This truly nonrepresentational piece was a joy to paint.  My brushes flowed and the thrown paint accented the action.  I was listening to Beethoven’s sonata Hammerklavier which guided the rhythms of my painting..  (Not for Sale)

Galapagos!  Is a dreamy piece about the sea changes in the Pacific Galapagos Islands (30” x 45,” mixed media on board, frame and red line are part of the composition.) The theme of this composition comprises shapes and negative spaces. As I painted, faces, fish, symbols appeared and became part of the piece.   The frame is handmade and painted specifically for this piece.

For Sale $245.00

Notes on these pieces:  I find the square 12”x12” compositions very difficult to reconcile.  The smallness seems to confine; I read somewhere that none or if any few old masters did completely square compositions. I sanded between many layers to define colors and shapes, also using the hot gun to create new textures and colors.  Faces lend themselves best to this shape; perhaps landscapes, especially the abstract ones.  Something about the focal point drifting to the dead middle bothers me.

So I found it a challenge but will move to large pieces for a while. Listening to Beethoven again seems to free my movements, imagination and energizes.

Additionally, see my The Other Side of Midnight in Big Spring in the SLMM web gallery:

For Sale $175.00  The 12”x12” piece, plastic paper on wood, mixed water media, brings back memories of painting with friends in the town of Big Spring Texas…the old hotel, the mountain with the spring, the retro buildings, and the new windmills all sitting firmly on Texas desert.