“Sea Visions”

Overview of art making while traveling. . . August 29th, Grand Lake, Colorado Weight and portability played a big part in material choice, maps, pens, pencils, advertisements, paper towels, whites glue,and small watercolor sets. We traveled by boat, train, car, and plane to Italy, Sardinia, France, and Great Britain. After compiling, categorizing, and editing hundreds […]


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Dancing Red Trees An Abstraction

               Dancing Red Trees An Abstraction This under painting on canvas was textured with media, papers, leaves, and sanded between layers.  As I worked the surface with my brush, red trees danced.  I applied seven or eight layers of paint between each sanding to create depth.  The negative spaces […]

Sun Setting Grand Lake Collage

  Because of the altitude, the sunsets here are spectacular and different in some way everyday. Colors are brilliant and this afternoon, the sun seemed to sink into the mountains.  I made a quick sketch and finished the collage (5″x7″) with tissue paper, inks and oil pastels.  The Alpen glow disappears  into the horizon. This […]