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The 2014 SLMM Exhibition at the Hays Art Center, Hayes Kansas, August22-October 5 features juried works by full and associate members. My pieces, Art is My Home, and Home after Katrina were juried into the show.


Art is My Home,  

Media:  mixed water media, alcohol inks, cold wax (sealer) and papers on watercolor paper on board

Size:  22.5” x 14.75” (with frame)

Price:  $675.00

Art is literally my home.  Recently I moved from my residence of 50 years taking my art with me.  In this journey process, I realized that art is really the center of my consciousness.  Memories of my home and travels of a life time leave varied visual images.  In this piece, North and South Native American symbols abound in two loosely interconnecting circles.  In my new and so comfortable home, shapes, lines, colors, and symbols (including shoes) abound.  A sole child’s shoe floats on the left facing side and a cowboy boot and a high heeled boot support the circle facing right side.  Strange creatures perhaps artists move throughout the piece creating motion and depth in the 20 plus layers.  As in a palimpsest (an overwritten document), surfaces were sanded, scraped and painted again, with traces of older shapes and textures showing.  This process accumulates overlapping layers of partially erased shapes. My art is an adventure in an illusory world free of constraint and without external rules.

Watts3homeafterkatrina framedslmm

Home after Katrina

Media:  Mixed Water media, alcohol inks, cold wax sealer, papers on vinyl on board

Size: 18.75” x 18.75”

Price:  $ 575.00

During the hurricane season of Katrina, Rita, and subsequent tornadoes, we expected rain and winds but not the damage that hit my home 200 miles north of the coast.  In a wine dark sky, winds took off my roof and uprooted a 200 year old cedar tree missing my back wall by inches.  My piece shows flying tree parts with bursts of thunder and lightning.  The roofless home seems vulnerable as rain pours in torrents.  Shapes intersect to denote motion and 2 disintegrating shoes appear in the right facing side of the piece.  I started with black and white paint; in finishing I used very little black paint.  In order to emphasize the blackness (presence of all color), I layered reds, turquoises, blues and spots of yellow to enrich the darkness.  The addition of red and purple alcohol inks created a sense of warmth in the foundation of my home which did survive.  In layering, I used sgraffito, scratching to reveal color and shapes in the layers below, resulting in unpredictable yet exciting results with strange color juxtapositions and rich textures.  Completing this piece was cathartic even many years after the events; some emotions are best rendered visually.  Such is the power of art. Painting speaks louder and more powerfully than words.