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Society of Layerists in Multimedia

2014 SLMM Conference

October 1-5 in Hays, KS

Hotel: Holiday Inn Express, 4650 Roth Ave., Hays, KS Call for reservations: 1–785–625–8000

2014 SLMM Dual Exhibitions

Hays Arts Center

August 22nd – October 5th

Theme: There’s No Place Like Home

Closing Reception: Friday, October 3rd

The exhibition will be the feature show for the annual fall art walk.

Full & Lifetime Members will exhibit in the main gallery


Margaret Watts – her piece “Therapy” (on first page of this newsletter) won 2nd place at the Watercolor Art Society – Houston (WAS-H) Show in April. Judge

Trudy Askew called Therapy “an elegant painting full of exquisite design and nonobjective imagery. It is a painting that one could look at for a lifetime. It reminds me of Nelson Rockefeller’s thoughts on why he preferred abstract, nonobjective paintings to realistic art. A painting of a tree, for instance, remains a painting of a tree forever. However a nonobjective piece changes with your moods, and with time. Congratulations!” “I include her comments because they are so relevant to those of us in the abstract realm. The poses were all from the same model and I added special movements reminiscent of my recent painful but successful physical therapy. I am also looking for members in the Houston area who might be interested in painting together.”


West: ● Zentangle Inspired Art Project

“This pencil and ink work is a group project of three members of the West region of The Society of Layerists in Multi Media. It expresses the holistic premise of the society by cooperation, sharing, and learning from each other, as well as the many interconnections which join all parts together into a unified whole. The top three tiles were drawn by Win Ratz, the middle three by Margaret Watts, and the bottom three by Cynthia Ploski. Each one of the artists learned new skills, gained new insights and fresh ideas from this experience of working together. After exhibiting the work it will be donated to a suitable organization.”