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Total abandon and fun!  While experimenting with all kinds of texture (media and papers, strings etc.) the wild rooster on the mini bike appeared.  This is the time for lightening up and going with abandon.  He makes me laugh and this is the time for wild uncontrolled laughter.  Patrolman Mancuso in “A Confederacy of Dunces” by John Kennedy Toole was the stimulus for this piece.   Mancuso’s motor bike was “loud, chromium and baby blue with flashing blinking red and white lights, and the sounds of 42 bobcats…all loved intensely platonically by the Patrolman. . .” My son in law joked that he wanted a minibike for Christmas; this is what he is getting.  Always, remember you may get what you ask for. . . Now I must get back to work on submissions to the Society of Layerists in MultiMedia show. . . Tomorrow, I hope.